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  • Archna & Adolph's Hanna Park Family Session | Jacksonville Family Photographer

    Archna and Adolph are friends of the family, and first came to me for little Aiden's newborn session. They are two of the sweetest people you'll ever meet, and their children have such unique little personalities. Aaliyah is spunky, energetic, and larger-than-life, and Aiden is mellow, calm, and smiley. Put them all together and you have such a fun family dynamic; I love documenting their family as their babies continue to grow. 

    Their session was at Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park, one of my go-to locations for portrait sessions. We'd originally scheduled for a sunset session, but I think the cloudy skies worked out so well. And check out those outfits! If you ever need a guide to coordinating outfits with your family without being matchy-matchy, just take a look at this blog and you'll see it pulled off effortlessly. Bonus points for baby wearing a bowtie-- so cute!

    One of the most rewarding things for me as a photographer is being able to capture my clients' growing families through all of their stages. I love to see their children growing up and changing, to see their families expanding, and to photograph these fleeting moments for them to be able to look back on and remember forever. These are times and memories to be treasured.

    Would you like photos like this of your beautiful family? I would love to work with you! Please head on over to my Contact page so we can start planning your photography session