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  • Lily's Four Month In-Home Lifestyle Session | Jacksonville Baby Photographer

    Jacksonville Lifestyle Baby Photographer:

    Jacksonville, Florida

    This session is going down in the books as one of my absolute favorites. Cris and Christie were so welcoming and sweet; I only wish I had more time to spend with them, because they both have amazing backgrounds! They're both avid runners and travelers, and they've already started bringing their newest addition, little miss Lily, along to take part in both of these hobbies. Christie told me that when she was pregnant with Lily, she was constantly running, and now that Lily's out and mobile, she's already kick, kick, kicking and swinging her little legs around in prep for when she's up on two legs. She'll be running in no time!

    In-home, lifestyle sessions are some of my favorites because I know that when my clients look back on their images from the session, the background and setting of the images will hold meaning to them, too. When Lily is older, she'll be able to look back at these photos and see what her old nursery looked like, and how lovingly Cris and Christie decorated her room and their home. One day, if they move, they'll be able to look back at their first home where they were all together as a family of three, and remember the happy memories that took place in each room. I'm all for beautiful park settings and beaches, and posing in sessions certainly has its place, but there's something so unique and special about when your sessions are more relaxed and are done in and around your own home. And I think we can all agree that Cris and Christie's home in Jacksonville is a beautiful one!

    I couldn't get over Lily's big blue eyes and sweet expressions throughout this session. You can see how much love she already has for her parents, and that they love Lily to the moon and back.


    Would you like photos like this of your baby and family? I would love to work with you! Please head on over to my Contact page so we can start planning your photography session

  • What Does Your Love Feel Like?: Jessica and Brandon | A Couple's Series


    Adorable Couple: ✓

    Cozy Family Home: ✓

    Blanket Fort: ✓

    Lots of Love: ✓

    With an ingredients list like that, there's no way that you can possibly go wrong.
    Jessica and Brandon, the latest couple to participate in my series What Does Your Love Feel Like, are living proof of that.

    "Our love feels like home. Not a house, but a home.
    Just like home, our love feels like the one thing where we feel our safest, our most comfortable, and where we can be ourselves.
    It's where we want to be at the end of every day - with each other, in love with each other."
    Jessica (23 yrs) & Brandon (24 yrs): Together 4 years

    This description of love truly resonated with me, as when I first started this project, my personal response to my own question was the same: love feels like home. On top of that, I've recently been seeking to build up my portfolio of lifestyle and in-home photography, so Jessica and Brandon couldn't have been a better fit with the whole project. I came back to them with several options that we could go with to illustrate their love, and much to my excitement, they chose my personal favorite concept: building a blanket fort (home, comfort, safety, and acceptance, all in one perfect, cozy package.)

    As an added benefit, I quickly learned that Jessica is one of the most unbelievably sugar-sweet human beings you'll ever meet-- take gumdrops, sugarplums, and cotton candy, and throw in a dash of smart and pretty, and you'll make a Jessica. A Jessica who will treat you to a bouquet of flowers as soon as you walk in the door on the day of the photo shoot, and make you feel instantly welcome with her upbeat, bouncy personality. 

    Balancing this is Brandon, a stoic individual who is a little hesitant to smile for the camera, but more than willing to smile for Jessica (and to have mercy in a tickle fight).

    After a few warm-up shots, my lovely assistant Dylan and I spent some time getting the lay of the land and staking a claim on the best blanket-fort-building real estate. The dazzling duo was eager to jump right in and help with the building process, and with some innovation, Christmas lights, and balloons, the fort was complete. Not built to code for Brandon's over 6 foot frame, but hey, it was cozy.

    These two brought that pile of blankets to life, and made that fort into a home. That's the beauty of their relationship: they can light up a space and make it their own, just by being together and present. And that, Readers, is what love should feel like.