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  • What Should I Expect During My Newborn Photography Session? | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

    Jacksonville Newborn Photographer

    Congratulations on your soon-to-be bundle of joy! You are about to embark on a beautiful journey of firsts - first sneeze, first smile, first word, first time walking, first day of school.  

    If this is your first time hiring a newborn photographer, you may be curious about how your session will run. The details of how your session will work will depend on whether you choose my lifestyle or posed newborn photography package. (You can check out my lifestyle and posed newborn photography packages by clicking here.) However, for any newborn photography session, make sure to book the session well in advance-- as soon as you know your due date, we can start planning. This ensures that I have you on my calendar well in advance, so I can block out time in the weeks around your due date to make sure I am available when your little one gets here. Then, once baby gets here, you can shoot me a quick message or text to get an absolute date and time nailed down your your upcoming newborn photography session. :)


    LIFESTYLE NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY INFO | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer


    Lifestyle newborn photography is for those who prefer more organic, candid photo sessions filled with emotion and realism. Highlights of a lifestyle newborn session may be photos of baby in his or her nursery, photos of the happy family hanging out in the bedroom or living room, feeding and holding baby, and giving baby lots of smooches and smiles. These photos are all about capturing you and your newborn in your home environment, leaving you with memories to treasure of the first few weeks of baby’s life, as well as your time spent in your family home.  

    When preparing for your lifestyle newborn photography session, I have a few pointers to keep things running smoothly:

    • Unlike with my posed newborn photography sessions, lifestyle sessions can happen within the first month or so after baby is born. However, if you want baby to be teeny tiny and “fresh” in pictures, I recommend we do your photos within the first three weeks after baby is born.

    • Don’t worry about the mess! One of the biggest concerns I hear from parents is that their home isn’t fit for a lifestyle photo session. I don’t expect it to be pristine-- you just had a baby, after all! The beauty of hiring a professional photographer is that I come equipped with lenses that allow me to blur out backgrounds and keep the focus on your sweet baby. As long as you have a window, I can make beautiful photos.

    • Speaking of windows, if you can, open all of the blinds and curtains in your house before I get there for your session. This way, as soon as I get there, I can do a quick walk-through to see which rooms have the best light, and which may require that I use additional lighting equipment. If you know that your house gets more window light in the main living areas at a certain time of day, then we can try and book your session in that time frame to allow for the most natural light.

    • Concerned about baby being fussy? Don’t be! Patience is a major job requirement for newborn photographers, and I have heaps of it. Plus, if baby is extra fussy throughout your whole session, we can always reschedule. My number one concern is making sure you are completely happy with your pictures!   

    POSED NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY INFO | Jacksonville Newborn Photographer



    Posed newborn photography is a great choice if you want artistic, whimsical photos of your baby that incorporate props and posing. When you choose a posed newborn session with me, I get my brainstorming on and gather or create customized props, headbands, wraps, flower arrangements, baskets, blankets, etc. that will make your posed newborn session extra special. If you have a favorite color or theme that you want incorporated, I’m all ears! I’m also glad to incorporate posed family photos of you and baby, or of baby with siblings-- just make sure to give me a heads up when booking your session so I can plan accordingly.

    • For posed newborn sessions, it’s extemely important that we do the session within the first two week after birth, if at all possible. Newborn babies are at their sleepiest and most flexible when they’re between 3-10 days old, which will be a big help when getting them into those sweet, cuddly poses we all love so much. There are some poses that I can’t put baby in unless he or she is asleep, so the tinier and sleepier baby is, the better. However, if you’ve missed the golden first week mark, that’s okay! We can still do a posed newborn session; we just may have to nix a few of the trickier poses.

    • Nude, posed newborn sessions are growing in popularity. Let me know your stance on this up front! If you would like your newborn in the buff, just make sure that you keep baby’s diaper and clothes a smidge looser prior to the session, to prevent elastic marks on baby’s body. Also, make sure your baby’s skin is moisturized.

    • For posed newborn sessions, I will typically bring a space heater or heating pad so that your newborn is kept nice and cozy. I also bring along a speaker to play white noise to soothe baby during the session.

    • If your baby’s skin is blotchy or yellowish/reddish in tone, that is a-okay. I will always edit and color correct all finished images, unless you request me to do otherwise.

    • During the session, feel free to take a nap, hang out, and enjoy some time to yourself! I will let you know if baby needs anything, but you’re more than welcome to take a well-earned break while I’m doing the session.

    Newborn sessions are some of my absolute favorites to do; they’re so homey, and I love seeing the joy and wonder that new parents have for these new little people in their lives. Speaking of which, parents, please jump in for a photo or two! I know that being in front of the camera is often the last thing a new mom, in particular, wants to do, but when your little one grows up, they will be blind to your imperfections. In photos, all they will see is your love.

    Do you have any questions about anything in this blog post, or would you like to get in touch with me to book a session? Please feel free to contact me at, or by heading on over to my Contact section. I would love to hear from you!