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  • What Should I Wear to My Photo Session? | Jacksonville Photographer

    Jacksonville Photographer

    Hi guys!

    One of the most frequent questions I receive from clients is:

    What do I wear to my photo session???

    If this is a concern of yours, then keep reading to see some of my top tips for dressing for your upcoming photo session. :)

    • Most importantly, make sure to wear something that you’ll be comfortable in. I know that people say "beauty is pain," but if you're wearing uncomfortable clothing, it will show in your photo session. The more you can move in your outfit, the more fun we can have with your session, running, jumping, spinning, holding little ones, playing with your furry children, and not having to worry about adjusting clothing.
    • If you are doing an engagement or couple's session, I recommend that you consider the length of your dress if you want spinning pictures or pictures being held in your significant other’s arms. For family sessions with kids, make sure to wear pants that stay up and shirts that keep you covered, so we can capture those carefree images of you lifting your kiddo up, bending down to them, and interacting naturally without any wardrobe malfunctions.
    • If you're not going to be going solo in your session, try your best to color coordinate with anyone else who will be in the photos with you. This doesn't necessarily mean being matchy-matchy, but too many contrasting colors or patterns can draw the attention away from your wonderful faces. For example, a whole family wearing plaid might mesh together into ***SUPER-PLAID*** when you're clustered together in a family photo. Below is an adorable example of color coordinating done well:


    • If you can, avoid wearing very small, repetitive patterns like small checked shirts or stripes. These can cause a funky effect in-camera camera called a “moire pattern,” which can be very difficult to correct in Photoshop.
    • If you will be bringing furry pals along to your session, try not to wear colors that contrast with your pet's fur. For example, if you'll be bringing a black dog around, wearing white may not be the best choice, and vice versa.
    • If you’re going to be in a natural setting for your photos, I would recommend that you steer clear of wearing light colored bottoms, like white pants. I love asking my clients to sit on the ground or on outdoor benches for some pictures, and while I do carry around a little blanket just for these kinds of moments, wearing darker bottoms to your session can keep things moving more easily.
    • Gravitate towards softer, lighter, more neutral colors in your wardrobe if you want a light and airy feeling in your images. I love bright colors in images, but wearing very bright, fluorescent, highlighter-like colors on top can create a color cast on yours or other people's faces in the session. This is why photographers will typically wear gray, black, or white to their clients' sessions.

    • (For Brides to Be)    Wear colors that will coordinate with your wedding colors, if you're doing an engagement session and want to include the photos in a wedding invitation. This will help you to tie your wedding invitation together, and will keep your pictures looking right at home if you display them in your reception area at your wedding!
    • If you’re self conscious about a certain body part, wear clothes that will accentuate the bits you love about yourself. My job as a photographer is to make you look your absolute best, so I will guide you in posing to make sure the images are flattering. However, if you are self conscious about your upper arms, for example, I recommend that you avoid wearing a spaghetti strap tank top. This will keep you feeling confident, and less worried about how your upper arms are looking.
    • Pretty please, unless they're meant to be showing, keep your bra straps under cover! This will save me hours in Photoshop, editing visible bra straps out of your pictures. I'm glad to be on bra strap watch, because those suckers are slippery little things, but try to be aware of them when you're getting dressed, and then we won't have to worry about it during your session.
    • This is another little tip to keep your photos clean and free from distractions: Be aware of your accessories. For example, do you want a hair tie on your arm in all your pictures? If not, you may want to take it off well before the session, so you don't have red elastic marks on your arm. 
    • (For Expecting Mommies)   Dress to emphasize that bump! This is the one time in your life when having a big belly is something to be celebrated and prized. Embrace it! Wear something that will cling to your midsection, and if you want anyone else in the images with you, think about wearing colors that have a little bit of contrast. For example, if you wear black, and your significant other also wears black, your belly may blend into your partner's shirt in certain poses. 
    • Last but not least, feel free to bring an outfit change and send me photos of outfits ahead of time if you're uncertain it will photograph well. I am here to make sure you walk away absolutely thrilled with your photos, so I am glad to give advice or wait for you to change your clothes if you want more variety in your images. Just make sure to factor outfit change time into your session length!

    Hopefully this gives you a bit of guidance in prepping for what to wear for your photo session. Most importantly of all, MAKE SURE TO WEAR A BIG SMILE! :) You are going to have so much fun during your photo session, I pinky promise.

    Do you have any questions about anything in this blog post, or would you like to get in touch to book a session? Please feel free to contact me at, or by heading on over to my Contact section. I would love to hear from you!